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Legal & Lawyering Trainings

Legal trainings

Keep equipping executives and company staff with up-to-date legal knowledge is a must. Especially, in certain industries, maintaining this program help companies avoid legal obsolescence and comply with their business partners’ legal compliance standard on an ongoing basis. With a team of lawyers who graduate from foreign universities, we are capable offers a set of legal education and training programs, which will be carried out in Vietnamese and English.

Lawyering trainings

Partnering between inside and outside counsel involves a relationship between counsel who are direct employees of the corporation and counsel who are members of a separate law firm engaged to represent the corporation. To that end, we set out an extensive training programs that help inside lawyers effectively work with outside lawyers. In doing so, lawyers inside and outside the corporation work will cooperate and coordinate with each other in the common interest of providing the best legal service to the corporate client.

The nature of the relationship between inside and outside counsel can consist of supervisor/subordinate, teammates, or anything in between. The role of inside counsel can vary: (i) an inside counsel who does virtually all of the work himself with occasional consultation with outside counsel, (ii) an inside counsel involved in, and an essential part of a fully integrated legal team of inside and outside attorneys, to (iii) corporate counsel who “hands off” the representation to outside counsel until the legal mission is accomplished. The role of outside counsel may involve work on a specific transaction, or aspect thereof, representation of the corporation in a specific lawsuit, or representation of the corporation on a retainer basis for a wide range of matters.